New House, New friends, New routine, New foods!

Lily is almost 17 months! Things have changed so much for us in the last month (April 2010). We had been living in a high rise condo on the 33rd floor just south of the Rogers Centre, but now, we have moved to a large size house in the High Park/Bloor West Village area. We have a whole main floor and Lily has a huge play room in the basement and we even have a guest bedroom and and an office down there - it's huge. We're all settled in and we're slowing getting accustomed to living in a house as opposed to a condo.

That's big news - but even bigger news is that Lily is no longer spending her days with Digna her nanny. She started at a home care with Christina and has made 3 little new friends.

Lily has some foods that she prefers, chicken legs, cheese, wraps, subs, pizza, daddy's home made penne with chicken, eggs, pasta, all the vegetables we eat, and some foods that she doesn't like too much peanut butter, hot dogs (yah!) and really, that's all I can think about.

At Christina's, Lily has been able to enjoy new foods and go to different restaurants, she's eaten kale chips, eaten mock pudding (Chia seeds, banana, cinnamon & vanilla) and more that I don't even know about probably. It's really good and we are so happy that Lily is loving it there and has made some cute little friends!

Here are a few pictures of Lily this month eating away: