NaBloPoMo - November 2011 - Day 3

Good evening all!

It's 9:04 and I have had a busy day! Work, Costco, Dinner, Clearing out basement! I've done a great job on all!

I am flying solo tonight, my husband is at a work function and the kids are with their grandparents. I hope they are having fun and that the grandparents are enjoying every moment. Visits like this don't happen very often!

Food. Lists. Snacks for kids. I'm working on it. I think I am going to go to bed and take advantage of this me time. Sorry blogsphere, I'll have something for you tomorrow. Food related. I promise!


Wow - many women are blogging this month - awesome. I guess I better start reading blogs again!

#1492 out of 1853. Cool. Happy that I have given myself this challenge.


I should point out that all is well so far in the "chest" department. Haven't nursed in 15 hours.

NaBloPoMo - November 2011 - Day 2

Oh boy - I am late for this blog post too, it's past 10pm!

Lily and Johnny left this morning with Mamie and are now in the hands of Grandma and Grandpa. I hope they are having fun! And that they are sleeping by now!

I've been reading about what "healthy and tasty" snacks the kids should be eating and frankly, I think that I am a bit disappointed in myself a bit. I mean, we eat about 80% healthy and 20% not so much and except for the occasional frozen pizza or fast food, we don't eat much processed foods in our house.

So, I think that the reason I am a little disappointed in myself is because of the lack of variety in healthy and tasty snacks that we offer the kids. On the lists I was looking at, I read: tofu, kale, lentils, homemade granola, fruits and vegetables we don't buy/eat etc.

I'll be sharing some of the things we eat on a weekly basis at home and then the lists I have been reading in the next couple of days.

Following that, I have decided that when the kids come home on Sunday (so far away... sniff sniff!) that the rest of my blogs will be about new healthy and tasty snacks the kids are eating.

You know, a baby feeding blog.

NaBloPoMo - November 2011

Hi everyone - I am back. And I have challenged myself to participate in the NaBloPoMo. I don't know much about it, but I do know that the challenge is held by BlogHer and the topic is: Blogging for the sake of blogging.

I can do that. I think. It's a short month. 30 days, I can handle this. Except that I have been thinking about it all day, since it is the first of the month and it's 9:30 and I am just now sitting down and writing my first blog entry. That's ok. I will do it earlier tomorrow and get my grove going for the rest of the 29 days.

It's been a busy night here. As you all know, I have an almost 3 year old, Lily, and a 13 month old, John aka Johnny, JJ or Jack Jack. They are AWESOME. My mom, their Mamie has been here for the last month staying with them during the day while I went back to work. It's been great.

And tomorrow morning, Mamie is taking Lily and John for a long weekend away. Gasp. We'll miss Lily like crazy, but she is going to play with her cousins and have a blast. She will be with her grandparents, her pepere, her aunt and uncle, her matantes and mononcles and her cousins. She won't miss us - well, she'll miss her daddy for sure.

However, Johnny is another story. I will miss Johnny, daddy will miss Johnny. And MY boobs will miss him! I have recently night weaned Johnny (another AWESOME Mamie help!!!!) and day weaned him because I have gone to work, BUT, at the moment, I am still nursing in the evenings and in the morning (sometimes) not nursing for more than 24-36 hours might be a bit difficult for him, but I think that the fact that he will be "away" from me will be best for him and a bit hard for me. Anyways.

My 2 kids are leaving daddy and I for 5 days. I'm sure we'll keep busy.


I'll have something interesting to blog about tomorrow, I'm just getting the hamster wheel going.