Wordless Wednesday

Snack time!

18 months already!

Lily turned 18 months on June 12th, 2010! Time has flown! It's been so fun having her in our family. For the last month, Lily has not really tried new foods, however, Jayson and I have been trying to give her more healthy foods. More organics, more flavours and more smaller meals throughout the day. The good thing is that we didn't really have to change our diet as we don't buy many processed foods and we eat well about 80-85% of the time, so that's good!

She is loving certain vegetables right now, especially corn on the cob, since it's in season, cucumbers, and she loves tomatoes, although we think that she might be allergic to them.

At 17 months, Lily and I both got a little sick and she was very stuffed up and was coughing a lot. Not fun times in our household. Good thing Jayson didn't get sick, he was a great caretaker! This is when Lily weaned. Boohoo hoo. Even though I think that it was time for her to wean, I am very sad about this. But, like all other breastfeeding moms know, when baby #2 arrives in October, we'll see if Lily will be jealous and if she will re-start feeding (I'm very ok with tandem nursing.)

As for things that she doesn't like, well, cow's milk, not even mixed in with chocolate milk! She doesn't like almond milk, goat's milk or soy milk. Nothing is better than mamma's milk! Oh well, she eats yogurt and cheese and that's plenty. As much as formula, baby food, diaper company's have multi-million dollar marketing companies, so do dairy companies! She eats enough healthy foods to get all the nutrients she needs to be a healthy chubby little girl!

It was father's day just last weekend and Lily made daddy some yummy cookies at Christina's with her friends. She had to have a taste though!

Here are a few pictures of Lily this month: