Time flies...

Hi All!

Time flies when you have 2 kids, are pregnant and work full time.

I have had days where I thought I was crazy that I came back to work and was trying to get pregnant - but it happened!!! On December 22, the day my cycle was due, I felt a little different, so I had a dollar store pregnancy test at home and it came back positive!!! My husband and in-laws were playing with the kids in the living room, so I had a total of 1 minute to myself. I came out of the bathroom shaking, but I wasn't ready to say anything, so I kept quiet.

I dropped my husband off at work - and I went to work. I called my fertility clinic (this was a natural pregnancy, but since we had had our first fertility monitoring apt, I had to call them) and asked them to provide me with a blood work req. It was faxed over. All I had to do was wait for the end of the day.

In the meanwhile, at work, I waited for as long as I could and then RAN over to Shopper's and purchased the most expensive test I could - $26! I went to the mall bathroom and peed on the stick. It took about 5 seconds for the word "pregnant" to be displayed. Holy batman, was I ever a happy girl!

In later afternoon, I went for the blood work and lied to the tech and said that they could call me directly for the test results because they fertility clinic was closed. (bad me!) On Friday morning, I was off and asked my in-laws to stay with kids while I dropped Jayson off at work. After I did that, I pulled over and called the blood work co and they gave me my beta numbers.

WOW! What to do, it's 2 days before Christmas, how do I plan to tell Jayson?!?!?

I composed myself, then thought, I can't not tell him right now, so I drove back to his work and walked into his office. It was still early, so he was alone and surprised to see me. I got a little choked up and he asked me what was wrong... I just said "go to you calendar for August 26th" - he went and asked "why?"

Because that's when your third baby will be born.

We cried, we hugged and we were in shock that it had happened EXCACTLY when we wanted it to!

For our extended families, Jayson made t-shirts for the kids that had Three's Company on them and had them wear them at the different family Christmas celebrations.

This is a blog about food - so I guess that the food part of this entry is this: Johnny was 7 days shy of being 1 when I returned to work. He was still nursing during the night and in the mornings & evenings. When he turned 14 months, I night weaned him... following this, he would nurse once or twice a day. The last time I nursed Johnny was on December 15th. He was 15.5 months.