June 30, 6m18d - Cucumber & Baba ganoush

I wasn't sure what to give Lily today, so I thought that I would give her some cucumber, and then some baba ganoush dip. I'm not sure that she liked it or not, she did eat some (and managed to chomp off a piece!) and I saw it in her diaper output. she did enjoy dipping the cucumber in the bowl of dip and sucking it.

I don't think that I will be attempting this vegetable again as it was a little scary when she bit the piece off, and maybe I'll wait until daddy is around to introduce new foods. It's more fun that way too!

You can see where she chomped a chunk off.

I am impressed with how well she does with a spoon. She knows (most times) which end to put in food and then in mouth. Usually, nothing ends up on the spoon because we are still working on her aim.Of course, put bowl in mouth.

June 23, 6m11d - Broccoli!

There are no words to describe how Lily loves broccoli.

Sometimes, I'll give her toast and broccoli and she chooses what she wants to eat.

Lily went to Ikea and it was lunch time, so got myself a plate of fish and chips and asked for a couple of pieces of broccoli. The nice lunch lady said that I had to buy a plate of vegetables for a dollar, I said fine, but all I want it broccoli, so just give me 5-6 pieces and I will be happy.

She takes her large spoon, a plate and puts some vegetables on it. It had 3 pieces of broccoli and about 20 carrots. This is Lily eating them. I was so happy that I could sit my little girl down and let her eat while I wolfed down my food. After, she needed to nurse, so I just plopped her on my lap, and she drank. This is easy.

June 22, 6m,10d - applesauce

Lily has been enjoying sitting in her chair and eating. Her favorite thing so far is toast and she gets a piece once a day. Instead of adding a little margarine, we thought that we would add some applesauce to it. She did not like that at all. She didn't like grabbing onto the toast, maybe she is like mommy and doesn't like weird textures (I am a little picky!)

That's my hand putting the sauce on the toast.

This is what Lily thought of it.

So, I decided to hand her the spoon and see what she would do with it. Not bad, she put it right away in her mouth.

After taking off her dress, I put some applesauce in a bowl and let her have a go at it.

Let's just say that this was very messy. I was wiping off applesauce on everything, but she enjoyed it and I think that next time, she might get a little help from mommy and daddy when eating liquid fruit.

June 18 - 6m,6d - Pizza crust

So far, I would have to say that Lily's favorite thing, besides breastmilk of course, is toast. She has gotten some for the last few days. She enjoys sitting in her chair, sucking the toast dry and then eating it. We know that she is actually getting some in her because of her diaper output.

I am a little more relaxed now with her eating, and I am looking forward to trying new things soon. Tonight, we had pizza and we let her eat the crust.

June 15 - 6m3d - Wholewheat toast

I know we're supposed to wait a few days between foods to ensure that the baby doesn't have allergies, but since banana and avocado weren't a big hit, we're trying something new today.

Toast. I toasted bread on the darker side, then I put a little margarine on them and cut them up in 4 slices. Toast is a little messy, but she sure loved them. Her diaper output was an indicator of this.

It doesn't take too many times for Lily to figure out that once she is sitting in her high chair, something yummy must be coming!

Once she gets the piece of toast, she looks at it, squishes it and then makes a funny face:

But it doesn't take her long before she has a piece in her mouth:

We re-introduced a piece of banana and she ate a little:

Mamie thought it would be funny to give Lily a cup of coffee too!

Giving Lily toast was a success!

June 14th - 6m2d - Avocado

It's funny how once your baby reaches 6 months, you think that you need to feed her lots of solids, but in reality, you don't, breastmilk (or formula) is the only source of nutrition they need. Good thing, because I don't think that Lily enjoyed eating banana so far. Now, today, we've given her some avocado.
Check it out:

Must always empty bowl.
Must stare at food.
And she tastes it.

Feels funny when going down throat!But, she keeps eating!
She ate a few pieces, so avocado was a success!

June 13 - 6m1d - Banana

After doing all my research, we decided to start with bananas.

Lily's cousins & aunt and were in town, so it was fun to have an audience.
I had been researching how to introduce solids into Lily's life for a while... I discovered that you don't have to buy baby food and/or mush all your baby's food for them to eat. I'm glad that we did a little web surfing for this as it just didn't make sense to us to mush her food. I'm not sure if we are succeeding or not, but we are trying our best to parent in a "back to basics" kind of way and at the same time, we're trying to be as green as possible.

I'll explain more on "back to basics" and being green as possible later...

When thinking about how to proceed with something related to Lily, I always think, what were they doing a hundred years ago, before marketing executives existed? That usually points me in the direction that I want to go.

The purpose of this blog is basically to keep a diary of how Lily has been introduced to foods. I'll be posting as often as a new mom can and I will try to post lots of pictures. There are not too many blogs out there on Baby Led Solids so I thought that I would add my 2 cents for the world to see.

I'll also keep a detailed list of when and what foods Lily was introduced to.

On June 13th, Lily was given her first pieces of banana:
After touching the pieces and squishing, she put a piece in her mouth:

And she actually chewed a piece off:
For anyone who is thinking of introducing solids, please make sure that you are always looking at your baby eating and know the difference between choking and gagging.

Lily gagged a few times on the banana, and because of her daddy keeping me calm, we are still doing Baby Led Solids.

When done, throw on the floor:

Get ready. Get solids.

Lily Pauline Ambrose was born on December 12, 2008.
Lily was born at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto weighing in at 7lbs3oz. I'll be keeping a log of her weight checks on this blog. I'll also be keeping a log of the foods that we have introduced.

After being breastfed exclusively for 6 months + one day, Daddy J and I decided that we were going to go the "Baby Led Solids" method of feeding Lily. I'll be posting more about this feeding method in later blog posts.

Our adventure starts now!