About Me

My family stats:

My name is Cindy, aka Maman
Married to Jayson, aka DADDY (this is where we got married: Cape Panwa, Thailand )
Our kids:
Lily Pauline: born on December 12, 2008 - Lily Pauline
John James Anthony: born October 1, 2010
Violet Mary: born September 1, 2012

Why I have a blog?

Lily was breastfed exclusively till she was 6 months, and at 6 months plus ONE day, we started introducing solids. After researching our options on how to introduce foods to Lily it was clear that we wanted to give her real foods and not from a jar.

When Johnny turned 6 months (actually a few days early!) he started on solids as well. He ended up having a few pouches of food when we were eating junk food for supper and he has been eating really well.

Both kids love eating and have a very good variety of foods they like in their diet.