I feel like chicken tonight!

March 5th, Violet hasn't eaten much. We have offered broccoli, toast, yogurt a few times and she really isn't that interested. Our supper tonight was smothered chicken with roasted tomatoes - it was oven baked and quite tender. Violet was offered a piece and right away put it in her mouth and started sucking on it. She managed to chew a piece off and eat it.

You'll also notice that she is in a sleeper. Still. For over 6 months now, I hate putting clothes on my babies and I wish I could still put my 4 year old in a sleeper every day!

Violet is now 6 months!

After counting down the days and nights for the bigger kids, it was time for Violet to eat! Well, have food put in front of her anyways. We started with broccoli and after staring at it and pushing it around her tray for a few minutes, she finally got a hold of a stem. 

She seemed to lick it and pass it near her mouth a few times.... I took a tiny piece and put it in her mouth and she stirred it around, we'll see what comes out if she did take any in! After quite a few more minutes of just pushing the stems around her tray, she did manage to put some in her mouth. To be honest, I don't think that she really enjoyed it. She will one day for sure, because Lily and Johnny love broccoli and we eat it often!

For supper tonight, since it was a lazy day and because it was Friday, we decided to have pizza for supper. Violet got her own pizza crust and she gnawed on it a bit. She seemed to enjoy this, who wouldn't though I guess!

We also offered her mushrooms which I think were too hard to grab with her pincer grip hands and some sweet potato fries that I had made in the oven with a bit of salt and olive oil.  

After supper, since the big kids were having some desert, I offered Violet a bit of organic vanilla yogurt and she had about 10 little spoonfuls, she was liking it, it's very sweet, of course she did!