Wordless Wednesday - July 29, 2009

Pincer grip!

Wordless Wednesday - July 2, 2009

Eating breakfast with my cousin Zack!

July 22 - 7m10d - Arrowroot cookies

I don't think that Lily was sure that she liked Arrowroot cookies (aka baby cookies) the first time she had one. I would give her one and find it on the floor among her toys, down her diaper, under my foot. These cookies are messy, and they get all gluey when becoming wet. I guess that this is why they are considered a "safe" food for babies. Unless the baby puts a big piece (or the whole thing!) in their mouths, it would be hard to choke on muck.

This post is being added a little later than I would have wanted, and it took me a while to take a picture of Lily eating a cookie, but today, finally, while we were at an amusement park, I finally snapped her taking a few bites.

Here's a little tip. Once your baby can eat these as an occasional snack, since they are dry and probably won't rot, keep a few in a container in the car, in your diaper bag, in your swimming bag etc. I keep a few with a toy in my swimming bag, so that when we are finished swimming, she'll eat a cookie while I take her wet diaper off.

And make sure you always have a wet cloth handy because they are messy when wet!

July 14 - 7m2d - Green Beans

I guess Lily likes green vegetables! I gave her a couple of green beans and she liked to suck the juice out of them. I'm happy she liked them because they are my favorite vegetable!

July 8 - 6m26d - Sweet Potato Sticks

Today was something new for all of us. In the over 6 years that Jayson and I have been together, we have never eaten sweet potato, never bought it, never ordered it, never even looked at it at the grocery store.

In many sites that I read, sweet potato sticks was something that was recommended to give to your baby if you are doing baby led weaning. Today was the day.

I looked for a recipe online. This was it:

1 sweet potato, medium size
2 tsp cinnamon
olive oil cooking spray

Peel the potato.
Cut it into "fries" - around 1/4in thick and 4in long.
Put the strips in a bowl and spray very lightly with the oil.
Sprinkle on the cinnamon, then toss together.
Line a baking sheet with foil and place your sweet potato fries on it in a single layer.
Bake at 350 deg F, 180 deg C for around 45 mins.

So, I followed the recipe.

I don't think that Jayson or I will be eating this again, however, Lily seemed to enjoy it.

She has to empty the bowl first.

She looked at them for a long time, we weren't sure that she was going to end up eating any!

After her first bite:

She seemed to like the sweet potato sticks after a few bites.

She loves to examine what she is about to put in her mouth (only when it's food!) otherwise, she just shoves it in, no matter what it is!

See what I mean:

July 6 - 6m25d - Rice cakes

I wasn't ready to give Lily an arrowroot cookie yet, but I wanted to give her something that would be healthy and crunchy that she could eat a few times a week if she like it. So, I got some organic plain rice cakes.

She didn't really like them and she was able to gum a whole piece off and I was too scared that she was going to choke. So no pictures!

July 2 - 6m20d - Interview & Oranges with a little honeydew melon

Today was a big day! The Toronto Star selected us to do an interview on Baby Led Solids! After cleaning the house like crazy and putting Lily in the prettiest dress we waited for the photographer and reporter to come.

This is us being interviewed:

The link to the article is here: Baby Knows Best

During the interview, Lily was given broccoli because it's her favorite and because it would look great in pictures!(it's so messy!). Lily was also given honeydew melon which she sucked a little but didn't really eat any so we'll try this fruit another day. We did give Lily a few pieces of orange which she really liked as well.

The article was printed on July 11th. Since Lily and I were out of town visiting family, Jayson took pictures of the article, it was very impressive to see our baby girl make the first page of the Toronto Star!