August 21,2009 - 8m9d - Corn on the cob

This was the most fun we've had seeing Lily eat. As soon as the Ontario grown corn on the cob was put on her tray she grabbed it and started chomping on it. Her face lit up and I am sure that she was thinking "mmm something new tonight, this tastes fresh, juicy and yummy, must suck on it fast!".

It took Lily about 10 seconds before putting the corn in her mouth like this:
She had a HUGE smile after she managed to suck a few corns off:She likes to examine her food. She was smiling and laughing the whole time that she was eating her corn. Jayson and I think that it was great fun watching her!
Oh so concentrated!
Here's a great picture of Lily and daddy smiling for the camera. Lily is saying, enough with the pictures & videos, let me eat in peace!The corn was a great success! It's corn season now, so I'm sure that she will be eating a lot more in the near future!

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  1. Carrigan just tried corn on the cob 2 nights ago, and she LOVED it, too! Definitely the most fun we've had watching her, too!