Still not THAT interested in solids... quick update

Everyone thinks I have been neglecting this blog, right? I haven't.

Let's just say that Violet is taking her sweet ole time eating foods. She likes to sit in her chair with us during meal times, she pushes the food around her tray and then she proceeds to throw it all on the floor.  Not much makes it into her mouth.

She is 9.5 months and has just started to crawl. This is later then my first 2, so maybe the enjoyment of food will come later then the 2 others as well. Who knows. She is still nursing loads and getting her energy and calories from breastmilk, so I am not too worried about her starving. 

This is what her usual meal offerings are during the day. When we wake up, our mornings are pretty crazy, and since Violet has nursed a lot during the night (that's another blog post :-) I don't worry about her being hungry as soon as she wakes up for the day. 

10:00 - usually offer a cheese string & crackers
12:00 - depending on what Johnny and I have for lunch, I will offer her some of the same. Noodles, bits of a grilled cheese, vegetables, apple sauce
3:00 - snack, maybe yogurt, cracker
6:00 - anything we are having for supper. Chicken, salmon, eggs, pasta, vegetables

Violet nurses loads during the day as well, and has started drinking water, so we're going to keep status quo for now and see if she starts taking in more when she hits 10 months.

I'll be back soon. Tomorrow is going to be a great day, Lily has a school trip to the Toronto Zoo and I am going with her. Violet will also be coming of course, Johnny is going to daycare.

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