July 2 - 6m20d - Interview & Oranges with a little honeydew melon

Today was a big day! The Toronto Star selected us to do an interview on Baby Led Solids! After cleaning the house like crazy and putting Lily in the prettiest dress we waited for the photographer and reporter to come.

This is us being interviewed:

The link to the article is here: Baby Knows Best

During the interview, Lily was given broccoli because it's her favorite and because it would look great in pictures!(it's so messy!). Lily was also given honeydew melon which she sucked a little but didn't really eat any so we'll try this fruit another day. We did give Lily a few pieces of orange which she really liked as well.

The article was printed on July 11th. Since Lily and I were out of town visiting family, Jayson took pictures of the article, it was very impressive to see our baby girl make the first page of the Toronto Star!

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