July 22 - 7m10d - Arrowroot cookies

I don't think that Lily was sure that she liked Arrowroot cookies (aka baby cookies) the first time she had one. I would give her one and find it on the floor among her toys, down her diaper, under my foot. These cookies are messy, and they get all gluey when becoming wet. I guess that this is why they are considered a "safe" food for babies. Unless the baby puts a big piece (or the whole thing!) in their mouths, it would be hard to choke on muck.

This post is being added a little later than I would have wanted, and it took me a while to take a picture of Lily eating a cookie, but today, finally, while we were at an amusement park, I finally snapped her taking a few bites.

Here's a little tip. Once your baby can eat these as an occasional snack, since they are dry and probably won't rot, keep a few in a container in the car, in your diaper bag, in your swimming bag etc. I keep a few with a toy in my swimming bag, so that when we are finished swimming, she'll eat a cookie while I take her wet diaper off.

And make sure you always have a wet cloth handy because they are messy when wet!

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