November 3, 2009 - 10m22d - Soup!

In the last few weeks, Lily has been very active. She seems to be getting from point A to point B a lot quicker now, and she's not walking yet! She crawls very fast and she has her firetruck that she pushes around... she is practicing walking and we think that by the end of November she will have made her first real steps. She stands for a couple of seconds on her own before realizing that she is not holding on to anything and then drops to the ground.

That said, with all this energy, she needs fuel! For the last few days, she has had breakfast (usually oatmeal and yogurt) and then for lunch this week, I started giving her soup. Today was a cold fall day and we had pea soup. I didn't want to give her canned soup since it has so much salt in it, but I figure that everything else she puts in her mouth we make & cooked it so I can be a little more lenient with the soups. I will try to make more homemade soups for her though so that I know exactly what is in them.

Here she is eating her soup:

This is the soup we ate for lunch:
Stop with the pictures already - just feed me!

I'll be honest with you all, sometimes, when I am making something to eat and I know that it will be a BIG mess, I sometimes spoon feed her (gasp!) however, she is very clear on when she is done and I don't try to force more on her.

So, after soup, I gave her some avocado, she loves it! I just peel and cut into chunks and give it to her and she eats it all.

She kept pointing at the counter because she wanted some oranges, but she already had one today so I gave her some raspberries. Wow, she can eat a whole container in a matter of minutes!

Notice the cookies in her tray - she didn't even want to eat them!

She ate them all, I had these leftover for tomorrow, but nope, she wanted them now!
After her afternoon nap, I was eating a cookie, therefore Lily wanted a cookie as well! I figured that since I made these cookies from scratch at home and she was wearing a cookie shirt that it was ok that she had a small piece. Most of the cookie ended up on her face and on the floor! She was still cute eating it though!

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