6 weeks to go!

I'm having a little countdown until Johnny can start solids. He'll be 6 months on April 1, but that all depends on if he is ready at that time.

He is sitting up and holding his head quite well at 4.5 months so that's good, however after nursing too much he sometimes, most times actually, spits up quite a bit. He nurses on demand and doesn't seem to know when he is full, so I will keep monitoring this up until it's solids time. I don't want him to be eating solids and then spitting it back out all the time.

Johnny sits at the table in Lily's old high chair and he definitely checks us out while we're eating. I understand how it could be easy to slip him some food, but with all the different health organizations saying to wait 6 months, we're not giving in! I strongly believe in this and 6 weeks will go by fast!

Speaking of 6 week timelines, it has been 6 weeks since I have been at home with both kids and I love it! Next week I am working on pictures so I will be posting some of Lily eating solids that have never been posted.

I have been getting some comments and I love it! I've also gotten some emails asking questions about BLS, send me some more!

Happy Family Day on Monday in Ontario!

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