Loblaws - what are they thinking?

In my local Loblaws flyer of the week, there is a special insert entitled "five tips for good health". Tip 1 is about diabetes, tip 2 is about managing your weight and tip 3 is about managing cholesterol. I know nothing of these of these 3 tips. Don't care really (right now anyways).

Tip 4 is: Reducing your risk of life-threatening food allergies. Below this tip is adverts for a few products including "Enfagrow toddler formula powder" and "Pediasure complete toddler nutritional supplement" - I'm not sure how these products are in any way related to the header, but I bet that there are parents who think that giving these products to their kids will help reduce the chances of them having allergies and might introduce foods earlier that recommended.

Tip 5 is where I get a little frustrated. "Food safety during pregnancy" - pictured adverts are: PC Arrow-root cookies (Huh?), Tums (I get), Jameson Prenatal Vitamins (Great), Jameson Folic Acid (Awesome), Enfamil vitamin drops (Huh?), Born Free Eco twin pack bottles (Might be needed for pumping mamas), and the next item is the one that frustrates me, Similac or Isomil infant formula with Omega (HOW DOES THIS RELATE TO FOOD SAFETY DURING PREGNANCY?) I don't understand, why is infant formula pushed and advertised everywhere when it's clearly not something pregnant women need. I understand companies need to make money, but there has to a line drawn somewhere.

Come on Canadian company - you couldn't have put adverts for other products there, like your bakery (fresh grains) or your organic fruits and vegetables on sale or something that is actually good for a pregnant woman's body?

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