June 30, 6m18d - Cucumber & Baba ganoush

I wasn't sure what to give Lily today, so I thought that I would give her some cucumber, and then some baba ganoush dip. I'm not sure that she liked it or not, she did eat some (and managed to chomp off a piece!) and I saw it in her diaper output. she did enjoy dipping the cucumber in the bowl of dip and sucking it.

I don't think that I will be attempting this vegetable again as it was a little scary when she bit the piece off, and maybe I'll wait until daddy is around to introduce new foods. It's more fun that way too!

You can see where she chomped a chunk off.

I am impressed with how well she does with a spoon. She knows (most times) which end to put in food and then in mouth. Usually, nothing ends up on the spoon because we are still working on her aim.Of course, put bowl in mouth.

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