Johnny Led Solids....

March 22, 2011. 5 months 22 days - 8 days shy of 6 months.

For the last couple of days, Johnny has been sitting at the table while we eat and has been drooling, staring and salivating looking at us eat. To say that it hasn't been fun for him or for us is an understatement. Johnny is 18lbs and is a tall boy, he is hungry.

All the signs are there that he is ready for some "real" food (as if breast milk isn't real food!) He is sitting up on his own, he doesn't seem satisfied after having a large nurse, he takes a huge interest in what we are eating and he can turn his head/hands away to indicate that he is no longer interested in what I am trying to give him.

Johnny had an apt with our pediatrician on March 16th, so a week ago. I'm so thankful that I found her, she might not agree with us co-sleeping, but eh, I didn't ask for her advice on this, but she is a staunch follower of Health Canada, the WHO and AAP recommendations when it comes to nutrition for babies. We did discuss that technically he was ready, but that it was my choice on when to actually start.

So, after thinking about it all day (March 22), and weighing the pros and the cons, and also since I had some fresh fruit on the counter, I went for it.

I took a fresh pear, mashed it up and put some on the spoon and he started licking it. He ate the equivalent of 3 teaspoons.

After having a few pieces of fruit, he had his first cookie!

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