NaBloPoMo - November 2011 - Day 3

Good evening all!

It's 9:04 and I have had a busy day! Work, Costco, Dinner, Clearing out basement! I've done a great job on all!

I am flying solo tonight, my husband is at a work function and the kids are with their grandparents. I hope they are having fun and that the grandparents are enjoying every moment. Visits like this don't happen very often!

Food. Lists. Snacks for kids. I'm working on it. I think I am going to go to bed and take advantage of this me time. Sorry blogsphere, I'll have something for you tomorrow. Food related. I promise!


  1. Hi! This has nothing to do with the above post - it was just a handy place to put this comment.

    I've just been back to the post at, which I commented on about a year and a half ago and then forgot about (I found it again after someone clicked through from my comment there to my blog, and I happened to find that when checking the stats). Anyway, I saw you'd posted a comment in reply to me, saying you were curious about what I'd claimed in my comment, namely that studies had found an association between bedsharing in the first few months and SIDS, and you wanted to see the research. In case you're still interested, wanted to let you know I've just written a blog post about this at which you're welcome to check out. Sorry - I know this is kind of a weird thing to be posting out of the blue, but I just saw your comment, thought you might still be interested, and I couldn't see an e-mail for you on this site.

    Well done for getting so much stuff done that day - so satisfying when you manage that, isn't it? Best wishes.

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