June 22, 6m,10d - applesauce

Lily has been enjoying sitting in her chair and eating. Her favorite thing so far is toast and she gets a piece once a day. Instead of adding a little margarine, we thought that we would add some applesauce to it. She did not like that at all. She didn't like grabbing onto the toast, maybe she is like mommy and doesn't like weird textures (I am a little picky!)

That's my hand putting the sauce on the toast.

This is what Lily thought of it.

So, I decided to hand her the spoon and see what she would do with it. Not bad, she put it right away in her mouth.

After taking off her dress, I put some applesauce in a bowl and let her have a go at it.

Let's just say that this was very messy. I was wiping off applesauce on everything, but she enjoyed it and I think that next time, she might get a little help from mommy and daddy when eating liquid fruit.

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