June 23, 6m11d - Broccoli!

There are no words to describe how Lily loves broccoli.

Sometimes, I'll give her toast and broccoli and she chooses what she wants to eat.

Lily went to Ikea and it was lunch time, so got myself a plate of fish and chips and asked for a couple of pieces of broccoli. The nice lunch lady said that I had to buy a plate of vegetables for a dollar, I said fine, but all I want it broccoli, so just give me 5-6 pieces and I will be happy.

She takes her large spoon, a plate and puts some vegetables on it. It had 3 pieces of broccoli and about 20 carrots. This is Lily eating them. I was so happy that I could sit my little girl down and let her eat while I wolfed down my food. After, she needed to nurse, so I just plopped her on my lap, and she drank. This is easy.

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