June 15 - 6m3d - Wholewheat toast

I know we're supposed to wait a few days between foods to ensure that the baby doesn't have allergies, but since banana and avocado weren't a big hit, we're trying something new today.

Toast. I toasted bread on the darker side, then I put a little margarine on them and cut them up in 4 slices. Toast is a little messy, but she sure loved them. Her diaper output was an indicator of this.

It doesn't take too many times for Lily to figure out that once she is sitting in her high chair, something yummy must be coming!

Once she gets the piece of toast, she looks at it, squishes it and then makes a funny face:

But it doesn't take her long before she has a piece in her mouth:

We re-introduced a piece of banana and she ate a little:

Mamie thought it would be funny to give Lily a cup of coffee too!

Giving Lily toast was a success!

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