June 13 - 6m1d - Banana

After doing all my research, we decided to start with bananas.

Lily's cousins & aunt and were in town, so it was fun to have an audience.
I had been researching how to introduce solids into Lily's life for a while... I discovered that you don't have to buy baby food and/or mush all your baby's food for them to eat. I'm glad that we did a little web surfing for this as it just didn't make sense to us to mush her food. I'm not sure if we are succeeding or not, but we are trying our best to parent in a "back to basics" kind of way and at the same time, we're trying to be as green as possible.

I'll explain more on "back to basics" and being green as possible later...

When thinking about how to proceed with something related to Lily, I always think, what were they doing a hundred years ago, before marketing executives existed? That usually points me in the direction that I want to go.

The purpose of this blog is basically to keep a diary of how Lily has been introduced to foods. I'll be posting as often as a new mom can and I will try to post lots of pictures. There are not too many blogs out there on Baby Led Solids so I thought that I would add my 2 cents for the world to see.

I'll also keep a detailed list of when and what foods Lily was introduced to.

On June 13th, Lily was given her first pieces of banana:
After touching the pieces and squishing, she put a piece in her mouth:

And she actually chewed a piece off:
For anyone who is thinking of introducing solids, please make sure that you are always looking at your baby eating and know the difference between choking and gagging.

Lily gagged a few times on the banana, and because of her daddy keeping me calm, we are still doing Baby Led Solids.

When done, throw on the floor:


  1. Banana was Carrigan's first solid, too. After the first time, I read somewhere online a better suggestion to help her hold the banana. So, we now cut the banana in half and peel each half down a bit and cut the peel off. This manages to give her a little handle at the bottom so when it gets mushy it doesn't slip out of her hand. Yes, she sometimes gets the wrong end, but she usually figures out how to flip it around. :)

  2. Just found your blog while researching baby led solids. My little guy turned 6 months on Sunday and this is the way we are going as well. Thanks for choosing this blog topic!